Casablanca Street Art

I love street art.  It speaks volumes about the soul of a place – the history, the people, the socio-economic issues – and the area around Casablanca’s old Medina is no exception.

casa-street-art-10-of-14casa-street-art-3-of-14casa-street-art-11-of-14casa-street-art-7-of-14casa-street-art-6-of-14  casa-street-art-2-of-14 casa-street-art-9-of-14 casa-street-art-12-of-14


7 thoughts on “Casablanca Street Art

  1. OMG, I adore those shots!
    I think you have a particular good taste in composing.
    Those street art manifestations are very interesting, they will remain there for a long time hopefully.

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    • Thank you so much, you lovely comments about my work are very much appreciated! It was great to have ordinary people walking past murals about ordinary people while I was photographing them. Most of the passers by were oblivious that I was taking photos they were that preoccupied going about their day so a lot of it was luck. Or more like synchronicity I like to think 🙂

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