About that washing ……

Casablanca could easily be dubbed City of Laundry.  With inner city space scarce in a metropolis that houses in excess of 3.3-million people, every conceivable spot is used to hang wet washing. And I mean everywhere!!casa-street-art-1-of-14

Even without the real street art, it sometimes looks like street art.


(Note the ubiquitous satellite dishes never too far away in the background)


4 thoughts on “About that washing ……

  1. …not to mention all those dodgy looking cables! What is it about other countries’ washing that appeals to us. I wouldn’t dream of photographing washing hung out in England.


    1. Yes, there are cables everywhere too but they seem to blend a bit more 🙂 My fascination with washing when I travel compared to the organised washlines in places like England is how inventive people in foreign countries have become. In the Namib for example every bush becomes a washline. In Casa every balcony, window ledge, windowsill, wall, ……… the list goes on ….. is filled with washing.

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