The Promise of Rain

We had some much-needed and long awaited rain this weekend.¬† It was nowhere near enough to make even the slightest impact on Cape Town’s horribly low dam levels, but it was very very welcome.

A few weeks back I headed out to Simonstown in the evening to photograph some fishing boats on the shoreline at sunset.

I was met with pastel skies and some whisps of moody cloud that hinted at rain …..

….. and a gorgeous Pittie called “Buddy” who was in and out of the surf even though the wind was whipping around and the water was icy.

Such simple pleasures are the real treasure ūüôā


A Day in the Life: Blouberg Beach

Daybreak and the iconic Mother City landmark looms larger than life, wherever you are in Blouberg.  In the foothills of the mountain, the city lights still twinkle like amber glitter as people walk the beach.


Kitesurfers come and go all day.  Some stay until the light fades completely.

02-IMG_2948 03-IMG_2977

Other locals like Professor Leonard with his boundless energy stick to the sand.


Some are a little more sedate, while in the distance container ships wait to enter Cape Town Harbour.


Nature’s treasures abound.


As the end of the day draws to a close, pastel colours form the backdrop to the gardens of the landmark Dolphin Beach Hotel.

10-IMG_3124And waiting ships become silhouettes in the liquid amber of another magnificent Cape Town sunset.



Iridescent Winter Skies

Winter has arrived with a vengeance.¬† Three weekends of rain –¬†some with gales that have¬†battered the Peninsula – have made gardening, hiking and getting out there with my cameras virtually impossible.¬† Which has meant no new posts for¬†a while ūüė¶

On the rare occasions that we had some decent weather, I managed to snap some of the night skies, capturing an array of brilliant colour and light in the process.  Enjoy!

Gold and salmon

Pink and grey

And the full moon and the street light

Blazing winter sunsets

Just when I think I have seen every possible combination, nature comes up with another kaleidoscope of colour, this time glowing like embers in a winter fireplace.  I snapped these quickly on my way to a yoga class.  Another reminder Рnot that I need reminding Рthat I live in an amazing part of the world.

Pastel Sunsets

With climate change you are never quite sure what the weather holds and often the seasons seem muddled.¬† I went up Chapman’s Peak hoping to capture another glorious¬†salmon or brilliant red sunset typical of this time of year over Hout Bay.¬† Instead I found a gentle pastel array as the sun slowly disappeared from view,¬† It was balmy and blissful despite predicted heavy overnight showers and the gathering clouds.

A rhythmic flock heading from Noordhoek to Hout Bay.

Just before nightfall.

Noordhoek Sunsets

‚ÄúThere’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Jo Walton

The Noordhoek valley, nestled in the foothills of Table Mountain National Park, is a tranquil seaside haven on the southern tip of Africa. It’s a scenic tapestry of vineyards, paddocks and pastures, sporting an 8km unspoiled dusty white beach, situated midway between Cape Town city centre and Cape Point.

Noordhoek, literally translated from Dutch, means “north corner”. While best known for its picturesque shoreline, is also renowned for its‚Äô spectacular sunsets. No two are ever the same.