Seapoint as night falls

It’s a little grainy as I took the shot without a tripod in very low light conditions, but the lights of Seapoint are so amazing to see at sunset, it would be a shame not to share.  Taken from the foothills of Signal Hill.


Southern Skies

A dozen songs flitted around my head as I watched the skies over my small spot on the planet tonight – from James Taylor’s “New Moon Shine” to U2’s “Under a Blood Red Sky”.  Even the cheesy “Clouds Across the Moon” twittered around for a while.

Nightfall began with bands of pink cloud against a clear blue skyline over the ocean, while behind me I spotted the full moon rising, bulgingly beautiful, with similar striations of cloud turning the glow into a magical haze.  Over Noordhoek and Kommetjie the skies turned apricot and then a blaze of orange before the streetlights flickered to life. It was 28 degrees here today, so if this is winter, I’m loving it!