The Promise of Rain

We had some much-needed and long awaited rain this weekend.¬† It was nowhere near enough to make even the slightest impact on Cape Town’s horribly low dam levels, but it was very very welcome.

A few weeks back I headed out to Simonstown in the evening to photograph some fishing boats on the shoreline at sunset.

I was met with pastel skies and some whisps of moody cloud that hinted at rain …..

….. and a gorgeous Pittie called “Buddy” who was in and out of the surf even though the wind was whipping around and the water was icy.

Such simple pleasures are the real treasure ūüôā


Autumn Sunrise

This is¬†the reward¬†for waking up early at this time of the year to photograph the sunrise across False Bay on a Sunday morning ūüôā

Not a breath of wind near the yacht basin in Simonstown either, where the pastel hues of pink and blue and lilac reflected on the wet shoreline.  #blissfulSundays

Simonstown morning




Riding Back in Time

There are a number of ways to revisit days gone by in the Mother City, from heritage sites to museums.  Another way is to catch a steam locamotive pulling vintage coaches, which runs between Cape Town and Simonstown roughly twice a month.

The route is incredibly scenic, as Atlantic Rail’s Jenny, built in¬†1949, chuggs¬†along¬†the rugged¬†False Bay coastline, passing¬†several¬†picturesque coves and beaches and through the ecclectic¬†fishing village of Kalk¬†Bay, then¬†Fish Hoek¬†and Glencairn, coming to a¬†stop in the naval town of¬†Simonstown.¬† Commuters spend the day in Simonstown before hopping back on board for the return journey.


Passing by the Fish Hoek catwalk.


Building up steam in Simonstown




Through Clovelly on the way to Kalk Bay


African Penguins

Our Jackass penguins never fail to amuse me and a trip to Boulders with its’ breathtaking turquoise sea¬†always feeds my soul.042




123  074



Boulders Penguin Colony

After a week of heavy rain and plummeting temperatures, the sun came out amost as if spring had returned.¬† I headed out to Boulders Beach, a thriving African Penguin breeding colony tucked away in a wind-sheltered cove between Simonstown and Cape Point.¬† The tourists were out in force as always, but I managed to find a few quiet spots where I could observe the resident wildlife.¬† And¬†I was surprised to find more than penguins …….

Colourful shrubbery

Tangled undergrowth – the perfect nesting place for penguins

One of many clusters of boulders

Suntanning on a rock they morph into a ball

The African Penguin (formerly Jackass Penguin) – listed in the Red Data Book as an endangered species

Pigeon toed?

Juveniles shedding their down.¬† Down isn’t waterproof so they need to lose it before they can go into the ocean to feed.

The gull among the penguins

Egyptian goose

A sneak peek of the beach through the thicket

Gull in the kelp

Shot up during the recent rains no doubt.  Not sure what kind it is

Young hyrax (rock hyrax or dassies)

Like a big guinea pig, it’s hard to believe that genetically their closest living relative is an elephant