Hoàn Kiếm Lake

In the centre of Hanoi, within walking distance of the historical Old Quarter, is Hoàn Kiếm Lake, one of the city’s main scenic spots and a popular focal point for the locals who practise tai chi there at sunrise each morning.

It’s a photographer’s dream and the landmark Turtle Tower, built on an island in the middle of the lake, is beautifully illuminated at night – even though the lake was being dredged when I visited, resulting in some nimble footwork on my part to get the shots I wanted without getting ugly red and white tape or barges carrying excavators in my shots.

The lake and tower are steeped in folklore and legend and worth reading up about!


Ho Chi Minh City Night Skies

Taken from my hotel on two consecutive nights on a recent trip to Vietnam.

While the Bloom Saigon may not have been the best hotel in Vietnam’s largest city in terms of comfort and airconditioning (read pretty awful), the restaurant on the top floor had the most amazing views. Even in the rain.  Of which there was a fair bit.


Seapoint as night falls

It’s a little grainy as I took the shot without a tripod in very low light conditions, but the lights of Seapoint are so amazing to see at sunset, it would be a shame not to share.  Taken from the foothills of Signal Hill.


Nightfall in Casablanca

The sky resembled a mammoth bruise as night fell on my last evening in Casablanca.  A city that is nothing like the 1940’s movie of the same name, Casa instead resembled many of the cities where old stands comfortably juxtaposed with new.  Here the 5-star Hyatt Regency vies for the title of downtown landmark with the Clocktower at the busiest entrance of the old Medina.  I know which I prefer 🙂



Bright lights, beautiful city

Cape Town at night from Signal Hill – a place of magical twinkling across the harbour to the suburbs beyond and across the bay and the famed Waterfront – a vibrant pulse of the Mother City after dark.



img_7296-2 img_7277-2


The Waterfront at Night

With the iconic Table Mountain as a backdrop, the V & A Waterfront is a tourist magnet for Cape Town.img_6874

It’s also the perfect place to try out night photography with my new camera and I must confess I am absolutely hooked – on night photography that is.  The crowds at the V&A can be a little much in high season. Which in Cape Town is pretty much all year round 🙂

Mist started rolling in as I was photographing the Clocktower and the canal, adding a lovely magical touch to the twilight.img_6892


Photographing the Cape Wheel and all the surrounding lights in the harbour proved more of a challenge than I imagined.  I’ll have to go back sometime to get it absolutely right.