The not so Blood Blue Supermoon

The rare phenomenon last seen in 1866 was visible predominantly in the northern hemisphere on Wednesday night.  By the time we went into night in Cape Town, the alignment needed for the triple lunar effect* to be experienced had passed, but it was still amazing to witness the big bold orb in the sky.



* A super moon, a blue moon and a blood moon coinciding.


A Tale of a Whale’s Tail

Living in a small seaside town favoured by Southern Right whales – who arrive in False Bay each year to mate and calve – is an incredible privilege.

But this annual pilgrimage is also problematic for the species when these massive mammals become entangled in ropes belonging to octopus traps and crab pots attached to buoys in the shallow waters of the bay.

Well done to the local National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and South African Whale Detanglement Network (SAWDN) for managing to free this entangled southern right off Sunnycove this afternoon.

The quality of my photos isn’t great as it was quite far out and I was shooting with a humble kit zoom lens, but each picture illustrates this incredibly brave rescue.

I watched it trying desperately to free itself from the web of rope twisted around its’ tail and then the dramatic attempts to free it.  It was an incredibly dangerous situation – the whale was frantic and highly distressed, blowing and lashing its’ tail.  And lest we forget their size – it was at least three times the size of the NSRI boat.

I could hear it blowing as I ran down the hill, camera in hand, to Sunnycove Station. It was like an anguished bellow that filled the air and then it was all over – the whale was free. It submerged and swam out to sea and there was silence apart from the hum of the gridlocked traffic along the coastal road 🙂

Well done to all involved!

Autumn Sunrise

This is the reward for waking up early at this time of the year to photograph the sunrise across False Bay on a Sunday morning 🙂

Not a breath of wind near the yacht basin in Simonstown either, where the pastel hues of pink and blue and lilac reflected on the wet shoreline.  #blissfulSundays


Muizenberg Landmarks

Although famous for surfing, Muizenberg is also full of interesting eateries and landmarks reminiscent of then town’s golden days, like the Edwardian-era red brick architecture of Muizenberg Station with its’ beautiful teak clock tower.  It’s easy to spend a morning wandering around taking it all in.






The signage on Kent’s Stores made me laugh out loud.  What on earth were they producing at “The South African Toilet Requisite Co Ltd” back in the day?





Southern Right Whales

I was so blessed today to see the last of this season’s Southern Right whales frolicking in False Bay.  The pics aren’t wonderful as she was some distance away from shore but you can see her blowing and at one point her calf emerges from the water with her.  What an honour to live in a place these beautiful creatures visit.405 430 442

395Southern Right Whales visit Fish hoek  every year to mate and calve during the months of August through until late November.