The face of Defiance …..

who ignored me four times when I tried to stop him going in the ocean because I didn’t want a wet car.

I swear I could almost hear his cognitive parts clicking in his head as he bolted across the rocks, leash and all, and him thinking “bugger you”.  It’s a Labrador thing I know, but I was not amused 🙂

You are in the dogbox Toby – well figuratively at least.


Early morning in the Mother City and despite being dubbed “The Most Beautiful City in the World”, like any other city, the plight of the homeless is even more apparent at daybreak.

Even with a background in journalism where I thought I’d pretty much seen it all, I still find this social ill hard to face.

Young children “bouncing” cigarettes for breakafast while the smell of bacon wafts across Greenmarket Square from the cafes and delis.  People with all their possessions in plastic bags and rucksacks wandering among the tourists.  These are just some of the scenes this slumbering city wakes up to.

The photos are black and white and underexposed on purpose.

img_7710converted img_7726converted img_7913converted

Flashback to Yesteryear


Apartheid benches outside the High Court in Cape Town’s Queen Victoria Street serve as a chilling reminder of a bygone era in South Africa’s history.

From 1950 to 1991 every South African was classified according to race and granted or denied citizenship rights on a sliding scale from ‘White’ (full rights) to ‘Bantu’ (fewest).


The Waterfront at Night

With the iconic Table Mountain as a backdrop, the V & A Waterfront is a tourist magnet for Cape Town.img_6874

It’s also the perfect place to try out night photography with my new camera and I must confess I am absolutely hooked – on night photography that is.  The crowds at the V&A can be a little much in high season. Which in Cape Town is pretty much all year round 🙂

Mist started rolling in as I was photographing the Clocktower and the canal, adding a lovely magical touch to the twilight.img_6892


Photographing the Cape Wheel and all the surrounding lights in the harbour proved more of a challenge than I imagined.  I’ll have to go back sometime to get it absolutely right.