The Promise of Rain

We had some much-needed and long awaited rain this weekend.¬† It was nowhere near enough to make even the slightest impact on Cape Town’s horribly low dam levels, but it was very very welcome.

A few weeks back I headed out to Simonstown in the evening to photograph some fishing boats on the shoreline at sunset.

I was met with pastel skies and some whisps of moody cloud that hinted at rain …..

….. and a gorgeous Pittie called “Buddy” who was in and out of the surf even though the wind was whipping around and the water was icy.

Such simple pleasures are the real treasure ūüôā

Back to the Lighthouse (again)

Slangkop Lighthouse is like a colossal magnet the way it keeps pulling me back to try and capture the perfect shot.  I should have waited until there were dramatic clouds and a blazing autumn sky to photograph, but this iconic landscape still gives me something different every time I drive there at sunset.

Water Bottle Wars

My back garden is like a war zone at the moment. The horrible drought that has taken a grip on Cape Town has forced more and more wild birds to leave their mountainside habitat and look for water in domestic gardens. Lately I’ve had species of sunbird I don’t normally get to see in my garden coming to feed and the squabbles and antics are fascinating to witness.

Dry and hot weather¬†results in quite a few scraps among the different species.¬†¬†Most of the time it’s like watching kids in a playground as they¬†fight for a spot at the spout.

Although sometimes different species do ¬†get along and it’s quite a civil affair.

There are more take offs and landings in my garden than at Heathrow at the moment ūüôā

And then there are the domestic disputes. Or maybe it was a mating ritual. Either way I photographed their interaction for 10 minutes. In heat of 32 degrees C !!

As for the ubiquitous and gutsy Cape White Eyes, there’s often a tag team to take on the competition – although squabbles amongst themselves are equally common ūüôā

Then there are the playground bullies who scare everyone else away.  Male weaver birds are notorious thugs.

And the shy guys.  Cape Bulbuls are regular visitors but are always on high alert while the other species are uber bold by comparison.

Autumn Sunrise

This is¬†the reward¬†for waking up early at this time of the year to photograph the sunrise across False Bay on a Sunday morning ūüôā

Not a breath of wind near the yacht basin in Simonstown either, where the pastel hues of pink and blue and lilac reflected on the wet shoreline.  #blissfulSundays

The face of Defiance …..

who ignored me four times when I tried to stop him going in the ocean because I didn’t want a wet car.

I swear I could almost hear his cognitive parts clicking in his head¬†as he bolted across the rocks, leash and all, and him¬†thinking “bugger you”.¬† It’s a Labrador thing I know, but I was not amused ūüôā

You are in the dogbox Toby –¬†well figuratively at least.


Early morning in the Mother City and despite being dubbed “The Most Beautiful City in the World”,¬†like any other city, the plight of the homeless is even more apparent at daybreak.

Even with a background in journalism¬†where I thought I’d pretty much seen it all, I still find this social ill¬†hard to face.

Young children “bouncing”¬†cigarettes for breakafast while the smell of bacon wafts across Greenmarket Square from the¬†cafes and delis.¬†¬†People¬†with all their possessions in plastic bags and¬†rucksacks wandering among the tourists.¬† These are¬†just some of the scenes this¬†slumbering city wakes up to.

The photos are black and white and underexposed on purpose.

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