The doors and alleys of Stone Town

It’s easy to get lost in Stone Town.  Literally and figuratively.

Characterised by winding, narrow alleys, the old part of Zanzibar City known as Stone Town is a labyrinth of architecture influenced by roots in Arab, Persian, Indian, European, and African traditions.  In short, a melting pot of culture dating back three centuries which is showcased in the charming, decaying buildings and ornate doors.

In this busy, friendly port city, I found a surprise around every corner




4 thoughts on “The doors and alleys of Stone Town

  1. Love the doors (you knew I would) but oh, how I despair about the horrid graffiti. Why oh why do people do this? I must also add that some of those walls could do with a bit of attention or they are going to crumble to dust.

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    1. You know it’s so funny you say that about the doors as I was in such a hurry to post that I forgot the post-script that should have read “This one’s for you Jude”.

      Such are the friendships forged by the WordPress blogosphere 🙂 Often while photographing doors on my travels, I really do think to myself “Hmmm, I wonder what Jude will think of these” …..

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      1. It’s a nice feeling. I do it myself. Good to know we are connected 🙂 And I hear you have rain? Lots of it! We had a shower this morning, first for a couple of weeks and even here in Cornwall the grass is distinctly khaki coloured.


    2. As for the graff it saddens me too. Mainly hooligans I think. Those walls are sure to crumble to dust one day as they are literally made from sand and stone, hence the name Stone Town. Mending them will spoil some of the atmosphere of the town though *sigh*

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