Around the Lake

For the final batch of photos from my travels around Vietnam, we return to the capital, Hanoi.

Known for its centuries-old architecture and rich culture, the heart of the city is around the narrow streets of the Old Quarter and Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake, which is a respite from the high octane traffic and onslaught of scooters.

The Lake is a a popular spot for photo shoots and on my first day there I spotted this petite girl posing at sunset with the famed Turtle Tower situated on an island in the centre of the lake as backdrop.

A little further along the lakeshore, dressed in matching outfits in brilliant red what seemed to be a wedding party.

Hoan Kiem Lake itself was looking a little less glamourous.  In the middle of a dredging operation, this normally picturesque spot was marred by earthmoving equipment floating on barges, floating buoys, fenced off areas and miles and miles of red and white striped tape.  But it was still amazing to visit.

It was here I got my first taste of ice cold sugar cane juice which is refreshingly delicious 🙂




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