The blessing of Spring babies

Spring is officially here, with buds appearing overnight on my fig tree, soft pink blossoms bursting open on the twiggy branches of the almond trees – only to be turned into instant confetti by the first winds – and a general sense of aliveness.

And this year the fiercely territorial resident Cape Robins have chosen to bless me with a tiny nest in the undergrowth under my study window.  I had a careful quick peek while the parents were out foraging, but all I could see was a little pile of dappled down, so I’m not sure how many little fledglings there are.

Feeding is a full time job though and keeps both parents busy from dawn to dusk. Robins are notoriously elusive and timid, so they first survey the surrounding area from tree height, then dive into the undergrowth with an assortment of snacks for the young. At times this part of the garden is like an airport with one parent leaving the nest as the other one arrives with more food.Who would think that hidden under those geraniums, surrounded by spiky ferns, is a perfect little cup-shaped nest?I can’t wait to see the babies learning to fly 🙂



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