The Shack on the Shoreline

I’ve been fascinated by this humble fishing shack right next to the water’s edge between Glencairn and Simonstown for some time now.

What I didn’t realise when I spotted it from the road was that the southbound train from Cape Town to Simonstown runs right past, about a metre away from the actual dwelling.  I wonder if the whole place rattles like mad?


7 thoughts on “The Shack on the Shoreline

    1. It is horribly close Not sure how they go on at high tide to be honest. Or during a crazy storm.

      Thanks for the compliment Jude. Capturing what I did was easier than it seems. I was alone at daybreak for two of those shots and the spot isn’t without some unsavoury characters at times (which is why I went while the world slumbered on a Sunday morning). When I went back a week or so later an ex policeman who I met on the beach hung around until I was done because there was a “dodge” group of youngsters hanging around a bit further up. It’s really sad that more often than not you have to watch your back while you are trying to capture this beautiful place I live in.

      As for the rain, we have had some but nowhere near enough to fill the dams significantly. I bought 2 x 950 litres tanks to catch the rainfall from the downpipes but when those are empty after the rains have gone, my garden will be living on a prayer – as will the swimming pool. Wish I’d bought the tanks years ago to be honest but it never occurred to me. Can’t say I’m looking forward to summer as a result of the drought. xx


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I guess I was in the right place at the right time 😉 The decision to go with B&W was to try and create something a bit more dramatic than my colour options. The sky was overcast and a grey haze hung over everything which didn’t do the scene justice in full colour.

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