The Promise of Rain

We had some much-needed and long awaited rain this weekend.  It was nowhere near enough to make even the slightest impact on Cape Town’s horribly low dam levels, but it was very very welcome.

A few weeks back I headed out to Simonstown in the evening to photograph some fishing boats on the shoreline at sunset.

I was met with pastel skies and some whisps of moody cloud that hinted at rain …..

….. and a gorgeous Pittie called “Buddy” who was in and out of the surf even though the wind was whipping around and the water was icy.

Such simple pleasures are the real treasure 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Promise of Rain

    1. Thank you 🙂 You always say such lovely, insightful things about my craft. This is an unusual setting right next to a railway line (behind the shoreline) and soon they will be erected a shopping mall across the road. Hard to believe. I’ll do another post about this soon, but for now it is peaceful and a little isolated.

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  1. I would love to be walking along that beautiful beach! It’s hot and dry here in San Antonio. I think we have had one rain storm since June. I can’t even walk barefoot and feel the earth under my feet right now, because painful little Fire Ants seem to be crawling everywhere. For something so small, the fire ant has a big sting. Biggest problem is that they always travel together in large groups, so anyone who crosses their path gets many stings all at once.


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