The face of Defiance …..

who ignored me four times when I tried to stop him going in the ocean because I didn’t want a wet car.

I swear I could almost hear his cognitive parts clicking in his head as he bolted across the rocks, leash and all, and him thinking “bugger you”.  It’s a Labrador thing I know, but I was not amused 🙂

You are in the dogbox Toby – well figuratively at least.


5 thoughts on “The face of Defiance …..

  1. Hahaha!
    Toby realized, because he knows you are a compassionate soul, that you would never abandon him on the beach all alone…..simply because he ignored your instructions and got soaking wet and sandy. “What have I got to lose?” he thought. “She will love me no matter what.”
    And then, without looking back, he went bounding joyfully into the ocean water.
    His intuition was absolutely correct. Although a little frustrated with him, at the end of the day, you kindly brought his adventurous soul back home. You are the earth beneath his feet. 🙂

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    1. Ha ha, diplomatic as always Mary. It was in fact my close friend Nikki who saved Toby’s skin (gorgeous thick coat that holds gallons of water) and my car by suggesting we stop for coffee before heading home so he could dry off. And I had a towel with me as I know the nature of the beast. Have you ever known a Lab who doesn’t ADORE water? It’s like telling a kid to stare at a pile of M & M’s for ever and not sample one. Note to self: Stand on the leash next time if you don’t want a soggy doggy. As for Toby, when his mind is made up he’s like an angry hippo – he just forges ahead at full tilt 🙂 I will tell him he has a new fan and protector in America though xxx


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