The Roman ruins at Volubilis

A day trip from Meknes and about 3km from Moulay Idriss, Volubilis was one of the Roman Empire’s most remote outposts.  Developed from the 3rd Century BC, extensive remains of this archaeological site survive, surrounded by a fertile agricultural area.


Included in these is the Arch of Caracalla, situated at the end of what was the city’s main street.


A breeding pair of storks that has taken residence atop one of the columns and the moody winter skies made for great photographs.



6 thoughts on “The Roman ruins at Volubilis

    1. It is – the whole are around there is very fertile. And green. The Romans had olive groves there way back – you can see the remains of an ancient olive press in the ruins.

      As for the storks, all over Morocco they take over the minarets with their messy big nests. The call to prayer doesn’t seem to bother them in the slightest.

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    1. It was really fascinating. It’s incredibly well preserved and has stood he test of time insofar as the elements are concerned – some of the mosaic work which is centuries old is still intact.

      As for the storks, as I was saying to Jude, they take over the minarets on mosques all over Morocco with their messy great nests. I saw that in many towns, even very small ones and they seem quite undeterred by the noise of the call to prayer.

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