The Granaries of Meknes

Although Meknes is overshadowed by Morocco’s other Imperial cities, it’s an amazing place to visit, just to experience the excesses of Moulay Ismail as 17th century governor and Sultan.

A contemporary and admirer of France’s Louis XIV, Ismail set about building an imperial city to rival the Palace of Versailles.

Reputedly a ruthless tyrant with a harem of hundreds of wives and concubines with whom he fathered hundreds of children, I’m in awe that he had time to realise his grandiose plan, which included 24 royal palaces with mosques, barracks and ornamental gardens, all set within defensive walls

The massive Heri el Souani granary – which also served as a feed store for the adjoining Royal Stables for 12,000 steeds – is an architechtural wonder.  Standing inside these immense vaults (beautifully preserved and restored) is breathtaking and humbling.


It was raining when we visited, so I didn’t venture beyond this door leading from the granary complex to the stables, but the arches of the stables can be seen in the background.


To end off this incredible experience in Meknes?  A camel burger in a crowded, muddy souk, while my trainers stayed behind at the Hotel Oasis Tafilalet to dry after the downpour in Rabat. The countryside surrounding Meknes is green and beautiful and ….. there’s a wine region here 🙂



9 thoughts on “The Granaries of Meknes

  1. I hope you enjoyed the camel burger 😉 !
    Nice pictures, would like to see also some of those buldings of the Imperial city.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • Hmmm, it was okay – basically grilled camel meat chunks on a bun. I don’t think I will have another. Sadly we had very little time in Meknes as we headed off to two other places that afternoon. Apart from the Bab Monsour gate and the Jewish Quarter we spent very little time looking at other buildings and focussed on the Medina and Souk. Next time 🙂

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  2. A couple exquisite photos!!! They tell me about the cautious movement into and uncertain discoveries of a Western foreigner exploring that strange corner of North Africa… Thank you for the inspirational photos.


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