Hassan II Mosque

I will say from the outset that Grande Mosquée Hassan II  is a spectacular landmark, standing boldly on a headland so worshippers can pray over the sea.the-streets-of-casa-39-of-40-2The ornate embellishments, mosaic work and the sheer magnitude of everything takes your breath away and nearly all the materials come from Morocco:  The marble from Agadir, the cedar wood from the forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains and the granite from Tafraoute.the-streets-of-casa-35-of-40-2the-streets-of-casa-34-of-40the-streets-of-casa-37-of-40the-streets-of-casa-33-of-40The problem I had with this massive work of art was feeling a little bit ripped off as a visitor.  Like the entry fee of 120 Dirhams (about $30) for a tour of inside and being charged to use the loo and then being shown to a squat toilet with nowhere to put my camera bag as the floor was wet.

I also couldn’t help noticing the opulence of the entire complex  – the mosque is said to have cost about $800 million – and its shimmering newness, in stark contrast to the simplicity of the surrounding neighbourhood.the-streets-of-casa-30-of-40That aside, if you are visiting Casablanca, you can’t not visit the largest mosque in Morocco, which also happens to be the 13th largest mosque in the world.


4 thoughts on “Hassan II Mosque

    • I did think at the time that given the magnitude and cost of the complex there should be Western bathrooms. Especially as it’s the tourist trade that are paying.

      When the woman in the loo asked me to pay I thought I’d heard wrong. “To pee? I asked. “Oui Madame” she said. “Five Dirhams”. I only had 10 and she pocketed it. “Merci” she said. “I’ll have my change ” I said quite annoyed and stuck my hand out 🙂 🙂


  1. Amazing photos! I was also charged when I visited mosques in Turkey. I realized that the upkeep of mosques rely on public donations. Who better to give than the tourists I guess lol Other than that, the photos are amazing and I hope to see this in person one day.

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