Early morning in the Mother City and despite being dubbed “The Most Beautiful City in the World”, like any other city, the plight of the homeless is even more apparent at daybreak.

Even with a background in journalism where I thought I’d pretty much seen it all, I still find this social ill hard to face.

Young children “bouncing” cigarettes for breakafast while the smell of bacon wafts across Greenmarket Square from the cafes and delis.  People with all their possessions in plastic bags and rucksacks wandering among the tourists.  These are just some of the scenes this slumbering city wakes up to.

The photos are black and white and underexposed on purpose.

img_7710converted img_7726converted img_7913converted


8 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. Never a good sight and especially where children are involved. You really would think that this would not be happening in the 21st century wouldn’t you? Great images.


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