The ultimate Okavango experience

My scenic flight into the Okavango Delta took my breath away for the whole 40 minute journey into the heart of this World Heritage site.  An even greater thrill was viewing all the extraordinary natural beauty of these inland wetlands from a low flying six seater aircraft sitting right next to the pilot

Even in the dry season it’s a complex colourful tapestry of intricate patterns formed by waterways, animal paths, floodplains and dozens of intricate small islands.

02-IMG_1796 03-IMG_1798 06-IMG_1817 07-IMG_1820

Then came the landing on little more than a wide footpath in the middle of nowhere 🙂


Followed by two (very hot) days of bliss at Fallen Baobab camp.

20-IMG_1885 21-IMG_1923 22-IMG_1956

And even though this photo is far from perfect I had to share the aerial view of elephants at a waterhole as we headed back home.


Maun, the gateway town to the Delta looked like Legoland as we completed our decent.


I will go back again and again. After I have ticked off a few more of my Bucket List destinations of course 🙂


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