Boys will be boys

One of my most memorable encounters in Botswana was watching three young bull elephants splashing around in the Chobe River like children.  They would get out of the water with the best intentions of heading off into the undergrowth – presumably heading “home” – then one would change his mind, break away and head straight back to the water to play some more, with the others in hot pursuit.  The horseplay carried on for about 15 minutes with stamping and splashing, entwining of trunks, staring down and jostling both in and out of the water.   The result was that they are all slate coloured rather than grey from being soaked from top to toe.

13-IMG_3182 (2)

14-IMG_3184 (2)

19-IMG_3236 (2)

22-IMG_3245 (2)

16-IMG_3197 (2) 15-IMG_3188 (2)

12-IMG_3176 (2) 11-IMG_3170 (2)

Finally one grew bored of the other two’s antics and went off for a good scratch on a nearby tree.

21-IMG_3242 (2)




5 thoughts on “Boys will be boys

    1. Absolutely. I think Queen wrote “It’s a kind of magic” about Chobe 🙂 I have a surprise for you btw – finally made it out to your old ‘hood. Found 42 Cromer but not the other. Pic to follow when I have a breather.


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