Scenes From The Road – my overland trip through Botswana

Botswana in the dry season can be grim.  Devoid of colour, dusty and excruciatingly hot.  As a proud cattle farming nation, the scattering of scrawny beasts clinging to the roadside vegetation as we travelled from Windhoek to Maun bore testimony to what the Botswana government has described as the worst drought the country has experienced in five years.  All too often the scent of decay would burst through the open truck windows as we passed corpses of cattle that died of either thirst or starvation.

But still, there were also heartwarming scenes reinforcing my belief that Africa’s inhabitants are undeniably resilient and resourceful.  And often reliant on the humble donkey ….01-01-IMG_1686




Meet the “Botswana 4×4” 🙂


And then there was the interesting interaction between a dog looking for trouble and a donkey who was having none of it!  Things might have got a little messy in the midday heat, but the donkey’s owner appeared from nowhere, clicked his tongue and the donkey followed, while the dog slunk off to find some shade.




4 thoughts on “Scenes From The Road – my overland trip through Botswana

  1. Lovely images. Drought is awful, hope they get some rains soon. Apparently we have a lot more heading our way, maybe if I blow hard enough I can force it to change direction.


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