Zambezi Saudades

Spending two glorious (but scorching) days in a hotel* that hugs the banks of the Zambezi was a fitting end to a whirlwind trek across Botswana that had taken us to arguably some of the most spectacular wildlife spots on the planet.

Perhaps it was the overland tour company’s way of letting us down slowly after the high of flying into the Okavango Delta on a 6 seater aircraft, mokoro trips that took us into the stomping grounds of cantankerous hippos and then the lush paradise teeming with wildlife that is Chobe.  It was time to rest and recalibrate while still surrounded by Africa.

It’s easy to become intoxicated by this continent and even as I took a last gaze over the Zambezi river before heading home, a longing set in.  The Portuguese call it saudade, that melancholic, aching type of longing for something that has gone that may or may not return in the future.

I miss the elusive banded mongoose troop who scurried across the lawns hoping to go unnoticed.


And Mama Warthog and her brood feeding on the lawns in the late afternoons.



Even the cheeky vervet monkey who hissed at me when I went to retrieve my camera bag.


I even miss the cacophony of frogs drowning out our conversations in the evenings – a din that grew more deafening as the night dragged on.

But the mosquitos and the cost of living in Zimbabwe?  Not so much 🙂  But I will be back.

* Azambezi River Lodge


14 thoughts on “Zambezi Saudades

  1. You bring back so many memories for me. I felt very flat at the end of my trip and even though it was 15 years ago now (time is flying by so fast…) I can still remember the thrill of seeing all those animals. Mosquitoes weren’t an issue, but sand flies proved pesky!

    Which company did you go with Karen? My trip was with Drifters (26 days) and they were very good. Don’t know if they still operate now.

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