The Magic that is Chobe

Chobe has been atop my Bucket List since the start of my brazen love affair with elephants.  This southern African wonderland lived up to my expectations and some.  My only regrets were only spending one day there and that my encounters with baby elephants – those adorable drunken-sailor cuties that melt my heart – were from quite far away.* (see footnote)

Chobe teems with wildlife and there’s no shortage of elephants, hippo and buffalo.


25-IMG_3260 (2)

20-IMG_3237 (2)

A fish eagle close to the water’s edge was a particular treat.

35-IMG_3367 (2)

48-IMG_3429 (2)


* Although I would have loved to see baby elephants – especially newborns – so up close and personal that I could photograph their trunk hairs, I was delighted to see the Chobe boat operators keep a respectable distance from herds with very young calves.  We only came across one herd with a new addition, which they were constantly protecting.  Every time the youngster moved, the mother and other senior females would rally around providing a protective barrier.  So my photographs of this newbie aren’t great but I did manage to get a few of him in the open 🙂

40-IMG_3384 (2)



6 thoughts on “The Magic that is Chobe

  1. Lovely! Who cares about the photos, you have the joy of having seen this youngster. I think I only saw one very young one in Chobe, but lots of older ones playing in the mud. Actually we saw far more young elephants in Addo! Now that is a little closer to you 🙂

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  2. Beautiful post! Reminds me of our wonderful times there. I too remember seeing many elephant, hippo and other game. I’ll never forget experiencing a pack of African Wild Dogs hunting at dusk. Africa is a magical place!

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