Some Mothers you don’t mess with!

Mrs Hippopotamus is in my personal Top 5, along with the big cats and other pachyderms.  She may look a tad slow and – dare I suggest? – packing a few extra pounds, but I’ve seen her sort move faster than the speed of light, particularly around their young and their ‘hood.


Hippos are extremely territorial, but I sense all the animals in the Chobe River are quite used to boats full of noisy, brightly dressed people waving cameras.  In comparison, the pods we encountered in the Okavango Delta made no secret of their objection to our presence, with displays of splashing and grumbling and the ever vigilant pair of eyes just above the surface of the water.

In Chobe though this mom and baby seemed comfortable having us around and we spent quite a bit of time quietly watching them interact.






6 thoughts on “Some Mothers you don’t mess with!

      1. I think I fell (more) in love with elephants at Chobe. That trip has been the best in my life and I have been very fortunate to see some great sites/sights!


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