Okavango Silhouettes

Birds abound in the Okavango Delta and when the lighting isn’t good, I always aim for silhouettes.  I was lucky to capture a juvenile fish eagle, lilac breasted roller and others within a short distance from our camp.





The carmine bee-eaters were a nightmare.  They are super quick, never stay still for long and settle miles away from the game vehicles. Not one of my photographs was perfectly in focus which is a real pity as their colours are striking.  Next time 🙂

Then there were nests and termite mounds inhabited by warthogs



And the inimitable “KBC”, safari guide extraordinaire at Fallen Baobab bush camp who – when he’s not making everyone laugh with his antics – also seconds as a mokoro* poler.


* a dugout canoe used extensively in the Okavango Delta


6 thoughts on “Okavango Silhouettes

    • Thanks Jude. Botswana is big birding country, especially around the Delta and of course Chobe. The trouble with travelling with a group – which I loved by the way – is that not everyone thinks a LBR or a carmine bee-eater is worth sitting around for to snap the perfect shot. They are here for the big stuff – the Big Five and the likes. I also took many photos on the move from the overland truck (real “drive-by shooting”), from a mokoro wobbling on the delta waters and from a number game drive vehicles. The result is a great trip but quite a lot of photos blurred or out of focus so I was lucky to have a few to post 🙂

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      • I only had a film camera on my BIG trip so didn’t take many photos at all. Still, I had a marvellous experience and still remember every (hot) day!


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