Makgadikgadi Landscapes

I was expecting flamingoes syphoning shrimp and pelicans wresting catfish from the briny depths for as far as the eye can see, but instead I found overcast, iridescent mother of pearl skies and sunsets in hues of summer fruits.

Botswana’s Makgadikgadi salt pans near Nata are a renowned refuge for birds and animals in the wet season, but when I visited in early January, this impressive collection of pans southeast of the Okavango Delta – which is encircled by the thirsty Kalahari Desert – were nothing more than a dry salty clay crust, bleached like ancient bones by the harsh African sun.

The birds that migrate here in their numbers each year were noticeably absent and until the rains come, very little wildlife apart from a few Wildebeest and scrub hares cling to the sparse vegetation.

The sunsets and landscapes in this salty hot desert were spectacular though.








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