Crossing the Border without a Passport

Eight days across Southern Africa in an overland truck in December heat can tax even the most robust traveler.  Border crossings from one country to the next can also be challenging in southern Africa, even with the luxury of being from a SADC country which negates the need for visas when South Africans visit countries like Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Thankfully we sailed through the border post from Namibia into Botswana as the skies in this drought-ravaged region tried hard to drizzle.  Predictably though, as we headed from Botswana into Zimbabwe a few days later via the Kazungula border post and despite an early start, we stood around for what felt like forever as officials did the necessary paperwork manually.

Little wonder that this warthog snuck through the boom from Zimbabwe to Botswana while officials weren’t looking 🙂


Not one to mess with officialdom after my brush with the law in Mozambique two years ago, my paperwork was of course in impeccable order 🙂

1-passport jpeg




9 thoughts on “Crossing the Border without a Passport

  1. I almost stood on a puff adder crossing the Namibia / Botswana border! I hope you have lots of photos to share from your trip. And I remember the heat – so hot and dry in Namibia, then hot and wet in Botswana. The perils of travel in December! Tell me more… 🙂

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