30 minutes to kill in Greenpoint

The weekday traffic out of Cape Town central can be manic at around 5pm, so rather than become a statistic in the stop-start madness that could eat up at least 30 minutes, I set off looking for a lighthouse to photograph.


Greenpoint Lighthouse with the iconic Lion’s Head in the background.

Greenpoint is a cosmopolitan suburb with world class eateries, hugging the Atlantic Seaboard.   Despite the glut of concrete and glass high rise buildings, the ‘burb is full of surprises, like this colourful playpark.


I’ll have to go back for an early morning walk along the Promenade towards Seapoint when I have more battery to take more photographs 🙂  Note to self:  Charge camera next time!


2 thoughts on “30 minutes to kill in Greenpoint

  1. Have they painted that lighthouse? I don’t recall anything so dramatic in 2000 when I walked along the promenade from Sea Point to to the Waterfront. Great photo with the Lion’s Head in the background. Oh, it is such a beautiful place.

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    • It’s been painted for as long as I can recall but remember I live in the burbs! I’ve done a couple of charity walks along the Greenpoint/Seapoint promenade and it6’s always been red, but I did find some old photos on the ‘Net of it as an all white structure. Yes, I know, I live in the most beautiful part of the planet!

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