Fish Hoek Mornings

Fish Hoek is a much loved seaside village famous for its family-friendly beach, lifesavers, early morning swimmers and trek net fishermen.  It’s often referred to as the largest retirement village in the world.  It’s a great place to be at daybreak, especially in high season before that holidaymakers arrive with everything bar the kitchen sink.

21-IMG_0204 20-IMG_0198






4 thoughts on “Fish Hoek Mornings

    • Thank you Liz :-). That particular morning was icy. Even the Polar Bear Club ladies walked into the ocean and straight back out again. I lingered long enough for some half decent pics and fled back home for some coffee.


  1. Simply beautiful especially that last photo. Of course I do have a soft spot for Fish Hoek as my youngest son was born in the hospital there. A much better place than his brother who was born in Gravesend!


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