Slowing down time …..

Occasionally we all need to turn things down a notch or two.  To take time out to smell the flowers as it were.  Or in this case, to switch to super slow shutter speeds to catch the Kalk Bay harbour sentinels flashing simultaneously.


It isn’t as easy as it might look as the lighthouses aren’t synchronised, but in doing so, I also managed to capture my first ever “misty wave action” effect 🙂



5 thoughts on “Slowing down time …..

  1. Clever. I shall have to try this using my new camera (if I ever manage to work out exactly HOW to use it) to capture the smooth water effect. I have tried before but always over expose the image. To be honest it was the beach huts that caught my eye. Great reflection. Is this at St James or Fishhoek? I don’t recall any around the rock pools at Muizenberg. Anyway, great image!


    • Congrats on the new camera 🙂 If it’s any consolation, it’s taken me 2 years to get to this level of using all the functions. The best way to do it is in TV mode (for Canon that it) where you control the shutter speed. Set it real low and the camera pretty much does the rest once you have focussed. I then take it off autofocus. Ah, yes, that header image was the changing huts at St James early one morning in March or April this year. I literally stood in the rock pools barefoot to get the angle I wanted.


      • It’s an Olympus, but I can set the shutter speed. At the moment I am taking it steady with the auto mode and getting used to the different lenses. I have never owned a camera with interchangeable lenses so this is a novelty.

        I appreciate you getting your feet wet for me 😉


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