Sunbird Magnet

It wasn’t even up for half an hour and the double collared sunbirds found the new sugar water feeder.  They’re always flitting in and out of our garden, but I suspect that after the recent devastating mountain fires, a lot more wild birds are turning to gardens for food.


Later, gregarious little White Eyes, a Cape Bulbul and even a Cape Robin stopped by. The photo quality isn’t great, but for now I am taking pictures through a closed window, afraid of frightening them off.


2 thoughts on “Sunbird Magnet

  1. You’ll find that after a while they won’t be very afraid at all. We have 2 feeders, and the Orange-breasted Sunbirds are especially brazen. They will chatter at you while you’re refilling, and I even have a picture of Himself with one landing before he has let go !
    Our backyard is full of chatter most days, and though the Sugarbirds have gone back up the mountain now, when they are here we can have up to 30 out back sometimes.
    You may find yourself losing hours now while you sit and watch them…


    • Oh thank you for that Cathy. They have flitted in and out of my garden for years so I’m quite used to them but hopefully they will start to linger longer now there’s free refreshments on tap 🙂 Luckily the kitchen is open plan to the dining room and the window is only a metre and a half away from the tree so I see them taking off and landing a bit like Heathrow without become a complete fanatic unable to do anything else. Now to set up my tripod with the window open and a cable release 🙂


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