Finding beauty in disaster

We thought it was all over.  The skies had cleared, we could breathe properly again and the ash that whirled around like snowflakes seemed to have settled after some gentle, welcome rain.  Then Hell’s furnace erupted again.

Barely a day after firefighters stopped the blazes that ran rampant across the Southern Peninsula for four days, more fire broke out, this time at Cape Point, Cape Town’s southernmost extremity.  As if on cue, the wind picked up reaching galeforce by evening and fanned the blaze across more precious hectares of fynbos and nature reserve.  Weary firefighters and volunteers were pulled back into the fray. Out at sea behind Kommetjie lighthouse, a long trail of smoke blowing from Cape Point resembled a low cloud bank, which looked like an angry bruise as the sun set over the ocean.  It was strangely beautiful, despite the tragic circumstances. 03-IMG_7298 05-IMG_7307Behind me, as the fire rescue choppers returned to base before nightfall marred their visibility, Noordhoek and Hout Bay recovered from four days of flames that saw properties damaged and families temporarily evacuated. 19-IMG_7387


4 thoughts on “Finding beauty in disaster

    1. Trust you to see the bench Jude! I’m never going to be able to walk past one again without a knee-jerk reaction 🙂 Crazy as it sounds, sunsets are always beautiful after a fire here. The skies light up in hues we don’t normally see. It’s like nature whips out a rainbow as a “sorry” offering.


      1. Thanks Jude xxx. I’m quite far from the latest lot but this week has shown that the wind can turn in an instant and change the whole dynamic. It’s howling as we speak and the full wheelie bin out for collection tomorrow was blown over twice before I gave up picking it up. We had a scare a while back when fire broke out in Glencairn and on Fish Hoek mountainside behind me. We badly need some proper rain, the kind that lasts for days as you well know.

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