Experiencing the Kingsolver magic

American wordsmith, meticulous researcher and novelist extraordinaire, Barbara Kingsolver is visiting Cape Town to promote her new book Flight Behaviour.  She’s also in the country for talks concerning a screen adaptation she’s working on of The Poisonwood Bible, a tome which took her 18 years to complete.  Articulate and incredibly witty, whether she’s discussing her craft, how she creates her characters or reading excerpts from her work, she captivated everyone who skipped President Zuma’s State of the Nation address to attend her launch.    And I was delighted to add another author-signed work to my collection 🙂







4 thoughts on “Experiencing the Kingsolver magic

  1. Oh lucky you! I’ve read them both – and was interested to see that the copy of Flight Behaviour she is holding has a different cover to the one on my shelf! I admit it took me a bit to get into this one, but once I was into it, I loved it. Such an interesting story, and so relevant to the challenges facing our planet today.

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    • We have the most delightful independent bookstore in Kalk Bay (a seaside village next to the one I live in) so I get to attend a lot of book launches and meet an assortment of writers. I cut my Kingsolver teeth on Animal Vegetable Miracle and have only just read The Poisonwood Bible. My next I think will be The Lacuna as it is her largest tome. The other books, she says, each took about a year to write. Interesting about the cover – my copy of Love in the time of Cholera is totally different to yours although I suspect, judging by the yellowing pages, the copy I have may be a first edition.

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