Lampang Fresh Produce Market

As a food lover, I thought I’d seen it all when it came to fresh food markets.  Well, until we stopped in Lampang en route to Chiang Mai, that is.

Warning:  The photos are not for the feint-hearted or queasy, but they’re typical of the non-touristy food markets I stumbled across in Thailand.

For starters, I thought rice is rice is rice.  Apparently not 🙂01-IMG_6005

And then the menu expanded further.  To include all kinds of everything.  Like grasshoppers, bamboo worms, catfish and yep *gulp*, some fresh rat.02-IMG_6018 03-IMG_6019 05-IMG_6023 06-IMG_6024 07-IMG_602513-IMG_6034 14-IMG_6036

Thankfully there were vegetarian options.10-IMG_6030

And if that doesn’t quite work for you, there is always Hong Thong (who names a drink after underwear?).20-IMG_6076

And more tonic for the soul in the form of the gorgeous adjoining flower market.

16-IMG_6042 18-IMG_6048



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