Sukhothai – city of ancient temples

It’s easy to get sensory overload when you arrive in Thailand for the first time.  The spicy aroma of food hit me first, and before I’d even left the airport building.  I drooled involuntarily 🙂  Then there are the sights and kaleidoscopic colour, especially the Temples.  One for every two villages, our tour guide told me a few days later.  The vibrant and elaborate decor can be a lot to take in, which made it easy to immerse myself in Sukhotai, an amazing old city at the gateway to northern Thailand.01-IMG_551904-IMG_552709-IMG_5583 14-IMG_5644 Standing in these evocative, towering ruins (which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991), I could easily imagine life in the ancient Kingdom of Sukhothai – the golden age of Thai civiliation that spanned the 13th and 14th centuries.  The cultural and architectural influence of neighbouring countries is also apparent in the remains of what is now affectionately referred to as the “old city” – about 45 sq km of partially rebuilt and restored ruins.15-IMG_5651 17-IMG_5707 18-IMG_5764 21-IMG_5791 20-IMG_5775 19-IMG_576502-IMG_5524


5 thoughts on “Sukhothai – city of ancient temples

    • Thanks Jude, the historical park is vast and offers so many amazing photo opportunities that it was difficult to decide what images to use. This section of my trip was part of an organised Intrepid tour of Northern Thailand. We covered the park on bicycles, followed by a home made traditional picnic in the park which was delicious. Thank goodness for the cycling plus I did a lot of walking, coz we ate and ate and ate ……..


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