More Elgin Open Gardens

For all the garden lovers who follow my blog, it was impossible to visit all 20, so herewith my favourite shots from Fresh Woods, Fairholme, Keurbos Garden Nursery and Wildekrans Country House.  They’re all beautiful spaces filled with life in every possible hue, shape and form. IMG_3835 IMG_4021 IMG_4055 IMG_4101 IMG_4103 IMG_4126IMG_4132 IMG_4135 IMG_4202 IMG_4142IMG_4238 IMG_4256IMG_3827IMG_3795IMG_3740



4 thoughts on “More Elgin Open Gardens

    1. So glad you got out there 🙂 It’s beautiful at this time of year and I’ve spent quite a bit of time daytripping in the Overberg in the few months. Perigrine has become an obligatory stop – forgot to mention their coffee is legendary but I’m glad you grabbed a quiche. When we were there the previous weekend they were sold out. I loved the sculptures at Wildekrans but was saddened to see Keurbos neglected. Safe travels back home 🙂


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