It’s Open Gardens time in this part of the world, with Elgin showcasing 20 amazing and diverse gardens over two consecutive weekends.

Having grown up in England, I’m naturally drawn to English country gardens and instantly fell for Lavenham, owned by Norma Bridgman and local artist Bert Touwen.  Fitting for a garden that shares the name of a picturesque medieval town in Sussex, it’s a tranquil space of lush woodland lawns surrounded by a palette of colour of herbaceous borders, roses around an unpretentious thatched cottage with a wonderful lived-in feel.  Oh, and a tiny Fairy Garden.

Here are some highlights:

05-IMG_394002-IMG_392406-IMG_396007-IMG_397008-IMG_398409-IMG_398810-IMG_399504-IMG_3935 01-IMG_389614-IMG_4008 13-IMG_4003


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