Pit Bull Love (part II)

Meet some of the characters, both big and small, from the SA Show Pits event held in Muizenberg recently.  I was overwhelmed by all the love and licks from these beautiful animals like Winston below.  And no, Leo doesn’t know my affections were temporarily elsewhere as I left him at home. 🙂

03-IMG_3466 04-IMG_3474 05-IMG_3484 10-IMG_3543 11-IMG_3556 08-IMG_3536


7 thoughts on “Pit Bull Love (part II)

  1. It is banned by law to own a pit bull in the UK. My neighbour has two staffies (both rescue dogs) and they look very similar to these. They are both big softies and the younger dog, a female called Hattie, is such a darling – whenever she sees me she comes running up for a fuss. The problem is that so many of the true pit bulls have been badly bred and poorly trained and used by drug gangs. Such a shame.

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    • That’s exactly what the problem is Jude. Ours is a perfect example – he’s brilliant with people, bordering on overly affectionate, but he’s wired to detest other dogs because of breeding by sick individuals. All of the dogs pictured here were affectionate and love people, but with other unfamiliar dogs they are a completely different story.


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