Scenes from Kleinmond

If you find yourself travelling up the Whale Coast from Cape Town to Hermanus, fight the urge to get there quicker over Sir Lowry’s Pass and take the coastal route.  Slow the car down, inhale the breeze coming off the sea, count how many types of wild flowers hug the roadside and stop to take in interesting mini hamlets like Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay and my birthday destination of choice this year, Kleinmond.

The harbour area is all about interesting shops, cosy eateries and friendly locals (bar the grumpy proprietress of a lovely gift shop who oozed hostility and wouldn’t allow photographs, so we walked right out.  Attitude counts for everything lady and as my mother always said, it’s not what you say but how you say it!!.)

Anyway, take a stroll through the other shops with me ….


What an amazing breakfast at Derric van Rensburg’s Art Café.  French toast, bacon, banana and berry compote with slivered almonds.  Approx 12 000+ calories on one plate, but it was my birthday after all 🙂  We arrived on an overcast morning to a wonderful fire and fleecy blankets in primary colours slung over the chairs.  It beat the icy reception at the “strictly no photographs” gift shop down the road by far.


03-IMG_3294 07-IMG_3307 09-IMG_3311

The Potters Garden Nursery is a must visit.


16-IMG_3387 18-IMG_3395 20-IMG_3399

And you can’t miss the colony of weaver birds nesting outside.


And then take in the shops.

10-IMG_3318 13-IMG_3330 15-IMG_3382 22-IMG_3406 23-IMG_3407

Funnily even cars from a bygone era don’t seem out of place here. 28-IMG_3434


7 thoughts on “Scenes from Kleinmond

  1. I also like to go somewhere different for my birthday (just visited the Jurassic coast where I haven’t been for decades) so it is lovely to share your birthday trip with you. I have been through Kleinmond, but not stopped. I’d love to wander around here (bar the grumpy gift shop). Love the Art Café and the nursery (of course) and the cute shop names. Looks very relaxing.


    • You’d love it there Jude. If we would drag you out of the nursery that is because there’s loads there to feed your floral soul. The grumpy gift shop actually has beautiful stuff in, so pop in but leave your camera at the door or you’ll get Grumpy herself. Not far away by car is the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens which I want to visit soon. You’ll be in 7th Heaven there too 🙂


      • I have heard of those gardens, famous for the Disa orchids – but when I was there it was the wrong time of year for the flowers. Photos please 🙂


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