Hanging around ….,

Every night when the light fades he appears, hanging just below the garage light in the hope of trapping bugs attracted to the glow.  He’s survived incessant downpours and the choppy South-Easter, clinging effortlessly to the strands of his delicate fiefdom.  I didn’t stop to get the make or model number 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hanging around ….,

  1. I don’t mind them outside (as long as I don’t walk through a web) but at this time of year some of them do come indoors and I hate the big ones that run awfully fast across the room especially when sitting with bare feet! Nice capture!


    • This guy is some distance from the house and as long as he stays there we’re okay 😉 In our San Michel house we often had rain spiders the size of my fist which were a lot less easy to ignore. That said I actually live in a zoo in my current house: In the last two weeks I have had to relocate a small snake (fortunately it had its head inside a snail snacking so it didn’t know what was coming), a golden runner mole drown in the pool and fledgelings falling from trees with last night’s wind that I need to keep away from the Pitbull. *sigh*


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