Breathless in the Giants’ Playground

Living on the False Bay coast, the annual migration of Southern Right whales to our warmer waters to mate and calve is easy to take for granted.  It’s almost synonymous with these parts and I assumed I’d more than had my share of the greater experience.

Until I headed up the Whale Coast to board an environmentally sensitive whale-watching catamaran in Hermanus this weekend that is.  And that really took my breath away time and again.

Imagine being so close to a creature weighing the same as ten elephants that you can hear it exhaling through its’ blowholes, or feel the spay as it breaches near the boat.  Like my swim with dolphins off Ponta do Ouro last year, this boat-based whale watching trip ranks right up there as a top responsible tourism interaction with the creatures that fill our oceans.

Nothing beats lobtailing, when that magnificant tail rises above the water,

19-IMG_259820-IMG_259921-IMG_2600or the breaching,22-IMG_260323-IMG_260524-IMG_2606 the blowing,35-IMG_266725-IMG_2607or the spyhopping – when they decide to take a peek at the world above the waterline.42-IMG_2682And if you look carefully in the photo below, you’ll see that the whale to the right is an albino.

34-IMG_2653Especial thanks to Southern Right Charters and the crew of Miroshca for an incredible afternoon.



4 thoughts on “Breathless in the Giants’ Playground

    1. Ha ha. Indeed. It was cutting it fine because the voucher expired at the end of August so I bit the bullet and did a day trip 🙂 You must do the boat-based trip, it’s exhilarating. Well apart from the large group of tourists who decided to fill up on boxes of KFC just before the voyage and were clamouring for the sick bags when we hit the swells off Walker Bay. Ja nee, it takes all kinds.


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