You know you’re in Overberg country when …

….. you stop for moerkoffie* served in enamel cups at Dassiesfontein Farmstall, where they stock everything a Cape Town girl could want – wine, chocolate and flowers 🙂35-IMG_2201….. you spend hours browsing through the bric-à-brac and antiquities inside and outside37-IMG_219943-IMG_217841-IMG_218238-IMG_2192

….. the locals shower one another with affection  32-IMG_2230(ok ok some do turn their back on you)34-IMG_2218….. the protected Blue Cranes shriek across the fields19-IMG_2285and the Jackal Buzzards keep a patient watch for a tasty snack from the overhead power lines.


* Afrikaans coffee, which is ground coffee in a bag brewed in a kettle




2 thoughts on “You know you’re in Overberg country when …

    • Thanks Jude. I honestly don’t know. Dassiesfontein is one of those places that is cram jam full of ‘stuff’ including a fair amount of dust, junk and rusting iron. It’s like an old farmhouse with about 10 inter-leading rooms – all packed to the eaves with ‘stuff’. I’ll add another few pics of stuff for you to see.


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