Colour under Calico Skies

Splashes of colour under a wintry Cape sky, from the kitesurfers and the iconic, boldly-coloured Victorian bathing huts on Muizenberg beach.  This one’s for you Jude 🙂



7 thoughts on “Colour under Calico Skies

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  2. First time I have ever seen “bathing huts.” Nice to have something like that close to the water….people wouldn’t have to walk as far in sandy bathing suits. On the other hand, when structures are built that close to the water and a storm blows in, wouldn’t the waves knock them down? Or maybe these little huts are portable and can be removed when storms blow in? Yep. You can tell I know absolutely nothing about bathing huts. 😉


    • Hmm, I don’t know all the history but the bathing huts date back decades and are often referred to as Victorian. The City Council look after them as part of the heritage of the area. My photo was of Muizenberg but there are a couple at St James and Fish Hoek beaches. Both of those are way above the water line and have survived the Cape’s raging storms so far 🙂


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