A win makes it all worthwhile

Occasionally I enter amateur photographic competitions in the hope that others share my belief that what I love doing is half good.  Then I forget about them and carry on with my life.

To be told on Friday that one of my photos had won first prize in the Weekend Argus newspaper’s weekly travel photography competition was a double delight:  Not only is the prize amazing, but the news came hot on the heels of the discovery that I have to fund most of the surgeon’s bill for an upcoming foot operation myself.  I’m thrilled the universe decided to give back a little in advance.


When I stepped onto the beach at Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique and saw the bike standing upright in the lapping tide while its young owner played soccer nearby, the magic of that moment took over and the photo is still one of my favourites.

About that prize though:  I won a night’s stay at the landmark Dolphin Beach Hotel in Blouberg which more than made my day as I have been wanting to photograph Table Mountain at sunrise and sunset from the Blouberg side of the city for ages, but the early morning travelling across the Peninsula to get there always puts me off.  Now I can literally slip out of bed, step out of my room and voilà .  Thank you so much to the Cape Argus and Karen Goosen at the Singer Group for this awesome, awesome opportunity to capture another iconic landmark without the hassle.


11 thoughts on “A win makes it all worthwhile

  1. Well done you! A worthy winner, how often do you see a bike on a beach? And wonderfully captured too. Hope you have a fab stay in Blouberg and I look forward to the photos of Table Mountain at dawn. I used to live at that side (Milnerton) right on the lagoon, but sadly never too any photos of the mountain then! What a mistake!


    • Thanks so much Jude. I knew when I spotted that bike on the beach that I had had stumbled on a unique moment in time, I haven’t decided when I’ll take up my prize yet – I have until October so was thinking maybe around September which is (supposed to be) the start of Spring and my birthday month. I’ll take some pics on your behalf girl 🙂 xxx


      • Should be a good time. Hopefully! You can never tell what the weather will be like these days. I hope you are having a decent autumn!


      • You’re so right Jude. Winter arrived, then did a sharp U-turn and we had about two glorious weeks that felt like Spring again. Until yesterday that is when the heavens opened and it rained for most of the day. Today has been chilly so I think winter has rushed right back at us although the fig tree – my usual seasonal barometer – still has half her leaves on and green ones at that. It won’t be long though and I’ll be unpacking the electric blanket methinks 🙂 xxx


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