Scenes from Stanford, the village around the Green

Stanford – only slightly inland from the coastal towns that make up the Overberg Whale Route – is the quintessential quaint country village.  Full of charm, artisans, crafters, arty folks and stunning eateries, life centres around the village green.  It’s easy to get lost there for a weekend and the Saturday market is a must visit.

Instead of taking the usual touristy snaps of churches and sunsets, I looked behind the scenes at what makes Stanford so appealing.

IMG_7687-001IMG_7685-001 IMG_8909 IMG_8903 IMG_8882 IMG_8577-001 IMG_8543-001 IMG_8503-001 IMG_8485-001 IMG_8478-001 IMG_7750-001 IMG_7737-001 IMG_7721-001

IMG_7719-001 IMG_7710-001 IMG_7703-001 IMG_7700-001 IMG_7696-001

IMG_8916The Stanford Table is among the delicious foodie places with it’s Tapas menu and interesting mosaic designs on the walls.  The freshly squeezed watermelon juice was that delicious I went out and bought a juicer – and of course some watermelons which were in season.

IMG_7681-001 IMG_7683-001

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13 thoughts on “Scenes from Stanford, the village around the Green

  1. He he, they definitely have a sense of humour here! I like the guest relations, but couldn’t go past the dog stop – my favourite dog and cartoon ever! You have encouraged me to explore this town when next I am in the area. Lovely post and photos.


    1. Thanks Erin. Stanford is really quaint and there is a lot to do in the surrounds too. In fact put the whole of the Overberg on your Bucket List 🙂 I loved Napier, Arniston, Agulhas, Gansbaai, Hermanus and the Hemel en Aarde (Heaven and Earth) Valley.


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