Cape Agulhas – the real Tip of Africa

It seems synchronistically appropriate that my 150th blog post is about the real tip of Africa – that southernmost point even more south than Cape Town and the Peninsula where I live and where the might of the Atlantic and Indian oceans supposedly lock horns.

I have wanted to visit for a while, not only for the photographic opportunities and a growing interest in lighthouses, but because I blog about how blessed I am to be living on the tip of Africa.  I felt drawn and obliged to visit.

IMG_8318-001You can’t miss the lighthouse as you come down the main street heading to the parking area at the official southermost tip.


It’s hard to describe what it’s like standing in that magical spot marked with an invisible “X”.  In a way I was at the end of the Earth and expected something dramatic.  Instead the ocean was disturbingly calm and a pallet of turquoise wrapped around indigo, rather than waves lashing the shore in rage, or even gales.  After all, this is the treacherous southern Cape coast, dotted with wrecks of ill-fated ships.  Yet there seemed to be more chaos in the local caravan park-cum-camping area, which was packed to the seams with December holidaymakers.



Meet the local Superette which can quite confidently claim to be the southernmost situated Cafe in Africa 🙂  I found it ironic that even in a virtually unspoiled place like this, the big brands have still managed to stake their claim.



4 thoughts on “Cape Agulhas – the real Tip of Africa

    1. I was also expecting something with a bit more punch but I still enjoyed the solitude standing overlooking where the warm Indian and cold Atlantic morph into one. I think if the town had been less busy (I was there two days before Christmas) I would probably have felt a lot more magic. I’m still happy I finally went after almost two decades of living in the Fairest Cape. xxx


  1. Having visited Cape Point long before I ever went to Agulhas I was also expecting drama – the gentle slope into a rather calm ocean with no cliffs or crashing waves was quite a jolt. It’s so much easier to stand on the cliffs at cape Point with the wind howling and believe that you are at the end of the world !


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