One of my favourite stops on my Overberg trip was in Arniston and the historical fishing village of Kassiesbaai.  Here generations of fishermen have handed down the tradition of making a living off this stretch of Cape coastline.  It was the day before Christmas when I stopped by and most of the locals were adding a last minute lick of whitewash to their cottages.  I also almost abducted a wriggly young Pitbull.  Almost. 🙂

Like Santorini sans the Greek architecture, the cottage doors and window frames are painted in hues that mirror the ocean.

IMG_8259-001 IMG_8213-001  IMG_8196-001 IMG_8185-001 IMG_8184-001 IMG_8179 IMG_8178-001 IMG_8173-001 IMG_8171-001 IMG_8154-001 IMG_8146-001 IMG_8157-001 IMG_8159-001

In complete contrast on the other side of the bay, a collection of upmarket holiday homes.IMG_8202-001


4 thoughts on “Arniston

  1. The fisherman’s cottages are so picturesque, but I suspect not all that practical to live in. Here they would be bought as second homes and renovated to interior magazine status! And then let out as holiday lets at extortionate prices. Lovely marine colours.


  2. My precious friend you continue to amaze me. I just love your blog, your pics are amazing. Been scrolling up and down for the last half an hour and am in total awe at the perfection of your pictures. Keep it up, love reading your blog. xx


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