The story of a Congolese Refugee

Sometimes we all need a little reality check to remind us how blessed most of us are.

Africa far and wide

For some, including myself, the world is a small place. I have friends and family who reside in the States, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. We stay connected with the help of internet, phones, long haul flights and road trips. We log onto twitter and get a minute by minute rundown of a friend’s day. Or Facebook and get tagged in 300+ photos of your nephew’s first birthday party. We run up massive phone bills and promise to talk less next time. We fly across the world for a family’s wedding.  We plan annual trips back home.

If we can afford to stay connected like this – it’s usually something we’re taking for granted; the means to keep together even though we are far apart.

When I met Geremie – a young refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo – I learned how his sole purpose is to get his…

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