Out and about in Hermanus

Two hours out of Cape Town and the capital of the Whale Coast is yours to explore.  I loved Hermanus, even in the silly season when the town was bursting at the seams with holidaymakers.  Whether you’re a foodie, nature lover, wine buff or there to just chill, there’s something for everyone along this stretch of southern Cape coastline and adjoining Hemel en Aarde valley – even when the whales have moved south for a season.  All you have to do is indulge!

Start with the coastline …..

IMG_9067-001 IMG_9099-001 IMG_9106-001

Then the eateries …..

IMG_9196-001 IMG_9211-001 IMG_9215-001

IMG_9117-001 IMG_9150-001 IMG_9156-001

Browse for collectables …..

IMG_9176-001 IMG_9178-001 IMG_9179-001


Then hit the shops and markets!

IMG_9162-001 IMG_9165-001 IMG_9167-001




7 thoughts on “Out and about in Hermanus

      • I actually stayed there in 1997 – not on the seafront but in a house which had a roof terrace from which you could see the ocean. A great little place, liked it so much I took my OH to see it on our visit in 2008. A lot of changes, and it seems from your photos that it is still growing. 🙂


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