Hermanus Farmers Market

I’m a real sucker for country markets.  I love the thought of buying fresh, organic produce direct from the producer and things that were made with or grown with TLC rather than mass produced in a factory or oozing pesticides or preservatives.  I also love the fact that someone took the time to do something they love doing and chose to make a living this way.  The Hermanus Farmers Market * held at the Hermanus Cricket Club every Saturday was a delight, showcasing the fruits of the Overberg.  I left with a pottery bowl, organic tomatoes, something for the birds in my garden and watermelon seedings in flower.  What more could a City Girl want??


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* also known as the Hermanus Country Market


11 thoughts on “Hermanus Farmers Market

  1. Lovely! I am so lucky that the town I live in has a regular market most days and a local produce market every second Thursday. I also have 3 butchers (meat from local farms) bakers (fresh bread, no preservatives) and a fresh fish shop. We eat well – too well 🙂


    1. Soooo envious Jude. There are a growing number of markets springing up all over the Western Cape and many of the towns I have visited in the last two years have at least one a week. Reminds me so much of growing up in England. I’ve started planting my own organic veg in bits and pieces which also helps – although I can’t seem to win with tomatoes at all 😦


      1. I did last year and a few plants survived. I just think I’m rubbish at tomato growing 🙂 I managed cape gooseberries, beetroot, Swiss chard, potatoes, carrots and peas okay though. Oh and let me not forget the one blessed almond from two trees 🙂


      2. I love cape gooseberries – my daughter grows them on her allotment, but I don’t know if she got any fruit off them last year – the birds seem to get there first!


      3. We have two plants – an official one in the herb garden that produces about 10 fruits at a time and one that just sprang up on the verge. Amazingly it does better than the other one even though it gets less attention and is watered less often. Go figure! We pulled about 30 fruits of that so far this summer.


  2. Indeed; a very nice country market. We go there every now and than. Quite a few villages in the Overberg have their own fresh markets BTW. From Stanford a global movement just started up; google Your Local Food Heroes (even participants from Cape Town 😀 😀 😀 )


    1. Yes I noticed that when I passed through the Overberg towns and villages. I missed the Stanford one – by the time I arrived from Cape Town on the Saturday it was afternoon. Always a next time though 🙂 Cape Town is seeing a growing number of farmers and organic markets, which is a treat, but the country ones just seem to have even more appeal 🙂


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